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Copy Cat- Mark Birchall

Cat was small and Dog was Big,
and when Dog did, Cat did too,

When Dog went dinosaur hunting,
Cat went dinosaur hunting with her.

When Dog balanced on the high wire,
Cat balanced on the high wire too.
"Copycat," said Dog.

When dog went digging for pirate treasure,
Cat also went digging for pirate treasure.

And when Dog went deep-se diving,
guess who went deep-sea diving with her?

So when Dog went to explore the Moon
 and the planets and the stars, she made sure
 that her spaceship had room for only one on board.

She didn´t know that Cat had a spaceship just like hers.
"Copycat," said Dog." 2 Copycat, copycat, copycat!"
Why must you always follow me? You go everywhere that  I go,
and you do everthing that I do!"

Next day, when Dog went hunting dragons, Cat wasn´t there.

He wasn´t there on the next day eigher,
when Dog went to discover the North Pole.

And on the daay after that, Dog went to play soccer.
But where was Cat to play soccer with her?

" I wish I didn´t got so mad at him," said Dog.
"Sometimes it´s more fun if there are two of you to do things together."
And she went to say"sorry".
"Come in," said Cat in the teeniest, teeniest, most faraway voice.
There he was, tucked up in bed and covered all over with spots.

"Oh, Cat, I was worried."
I haven´t seen you for ages," said Dog.
"I never thought I´d miss you so much."
" I´ve missed you as well," whispered Cat,
"but I was too ill to come and see you."
"Never mind," said Dog.
"I´ll soon make you better."
Ans she made him special get-well-soip, and gave him special feel-beter-medicine.

Se read him exciting adventures storeis, ntil he fell fast asleep.

In the morning, Cat felt good as new again.
He went to find Dog.
But she  wasn´t in the dinosaur park.....

..or on the pirate island....

.....or in the moon ...
... .or any of the other places that she liked to vist.
Where could Dog be?

" Copycat!" said Cat.
"Now it´s my turn to make YOU better!"

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